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Bad Poem Saturday: Yard Work

Yard Work Dogs walked. Lawn mowed. Weedy trees ruthlessly murdered,cut down in their  innocent youth,all in the name of symmetry and control. Thunder heard. Thunder FELT. I need a drink. So does the yard.

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Conversations With Small Dogs: A New Trick

Buddy: Hey! Human! Human! Human! Me: What? Buddy: You have to check this out. I have done something totally awesome. Me: (sotto voce) Oh, shit. Buddy: Did you say something? Me: No, no, do go on. What did you do? Buddy: I … Continue reading

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There is something eminently sensible about a hammock. It is comfortable. It is (at least sometimes) portable. It is relaxing. I cannot recommend a hammock strongly enough. When I was a child, my family sometimes spent time in the summers … Continue reading

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Ginger’s Narcissistic One-Body Book Club Presents: Woman, not "Woman"…

[I read lots of books. Sometimes I feel like talking about them.] I’m currently waiting (eagerly!) for the latest book by Deborah Coates, Strange Country (due out on May 27). It’s the third book she’s written about a character who I’ve … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: The Wake-Up Call

6:30am: I have entered that hazy state in which dreaming and waking overlap. Henry (who sleeps on the bed) kicks me in the ribs. Buddy thumps restlessly on the wall of his crate. Eddie snores. My dreams turn to road … Continue reading

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Grumpy Old Cynic’s Corner

Just to be clear: I have no serious objection to feel-good songs as such. The occasional triumphant anthem of self-empowerment is fine by me! Let’s all jump around and pump our fists and shout about how awesome we are/everything is/etc.! … Continue reading

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Conversations With Small Dogs: Buried Treasure Edition

Buddy is busily messing around with the quilt on the couch, after an afternoon spent picking fights with Eddie over who gets the chewy…um…thing. Eddie is currently sneaking between crates and rooms, with occasional forays under the couch. Henry is … Continue reading

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Spring and a new a look!

I got bored. Can you tell? Anyway: New layout time!  I’ll probably be messing with the design some more over the next few weeks. Whee!

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