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365 DotU, Day 89: In Which I Celebrate Cheese

There’s just something about an earnest, cheesy, brilliant Bon Jovi song that kind of makes my day, especially the earlier stuff. Slippery When Wet (for example), as an album, is not great art. It wasn’t trying to be, of course. It’s … Continue reading

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Open Letter to An American-Made Wolf Whistler

Dear American-Made Wolf Whistler: Please believe that I do appreciate the novelty of your attention this afternoon. I have been hooted at by wankers of all descriptions, asked impertinent and inappropriate questions, subjected to random and uninvited commentary on my … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 88: Makin’ Lemonade

To celebrate the occasion of my voice being utterly useless (bronchitis is not my friend), I decided it might be time to tackle an instrumental or three, what with having not kept up with the ol Challenge very well of … Continue reading

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The Habitrail Critic: To 3D or Not To 3D?

I admit it. I’m not especially fond of 3D. I have only seen it used well on a few rare occasions. Otherwise, it tends to do nothing for me, and I’ve been trying lately to figure out exactly why it … Continue reading

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Pathology Potpourri

It feels as if I’ve been blog-silent for ages, so I thought perhaps, in this little spare moment I have, I should throw some bloggy stuff out there. Got to keep one’s hand in, after all. So, miscellany. 1) I … Continue reading

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