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Link Roulette!

As I pursued one of my favorite little hobbies this week — rooting about in the Library of Congress Flickr stream and looking for interesting oddities — I accidentally acquired a book recommendation. It all started with this really nifty … Continue reading

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Memory Time

When I was a small child, I used to be utterly enchanted by my great-grandfather’s pocket watch. At least, I think I was. That is, I feel as if I was. My memory (hazily connecting me to a past that … Continue reading

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First Chair, Last Chair, Any Chair, No Chair

Experience suggests that conventionally trained symphony orchestra and symphonic band musicians (especially we non-pros) probably don’t think all that much about the physical arrangement of their performance spaces, once certain fundamentals are settled to their satisfaction: section leadership and playing … Continue reading

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A Little Southern Harmony

In a previous post, I spent a little time looking at shape note┬ámusic and sacred harp singing, mostly in the context of considering the authenticity — whatever one takes that to mean — of various settings of “What Wondrous Love … Continue reading

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The Rabbit’s Revenge

My very few regular readers are thoroughly familiar with one of this blog’s sacred annual traditions: The Bunny Story, meant to be received in the spirit of a little light pre-Festivus Airing of Grievances. Those new to the tale should … Continue reading

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