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In Which The Habitrail Critic Calls For An Assist From Bob Vila

One of the most important things that Guillermo del Toro does right in Crimson Peak is make the house a character. In a gorgeously shot movie that otherwise breaks no original ground in terms of plot or character, this is a crucial choice for … Continue reading

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In Which The Habitrail Critic Is The Monday Morning Quarterback Ridley Scott Never Knew He Needed

Here’s the thing about The Martian (which I saw this past weekend): Matt Damon is not the problem. I wouldn’t say this film has 99 problems, but whatever number it does have (and it definitely has a nonzero number of problems), … Continue reading

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Bomp-chicka Nous?

As the revived X-Files approaches its release date, I’ve decided to do what everyone else is doing — watch the whole darn thing from the beginning, to remind myself how it was. It’s become my new homework background; I swear … Continue reading

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