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ReFraktured Color

For those who have read my other posts on the subject, it will be unsurprising that I continue to be fascinated by the use of typefaces to preserve, promote, and communicate about linguistic or cultural conventions. In particular, I’m interested … Continue reading

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The Visual Poetry of Roadside America

The late John Margolies (1940-2016) is perhaps best known as a photographer and chronicler of “vernacular commercial structures along main streets, byways, and highways throughout the United States in the twentieth century.” Put another way: if you’ve ever spent time looking … Continue reading

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When the Levee Breaks

Recently, I came across a wonderful reminder of past projects in the form of magic shared on Facebook: some television footage from 1965 or so of the magnificent flamenco dancer Antonia (also sometimes listed as Antonita) Singla Contreras, known to … Continue reading

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