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An Entirely Unnecessary Defense

According to my dear old Dad, if there is any justice or truth in the world, the phrase “…and one more thing” will be the inscription on my headstone after I shuffle off this mortal coil. He’s not wrong. Last … Continue reading

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“…but it’s all right.”

As I read John Dyck’s “In Defense of Country Music” the other day, I found myself remembering a compliment, thinking of an amazing recording by an amazing woman, and struggling to disentangle the reasons why some of what Dyck said rang … Continue reading

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When the Levee Breaks

Recently, I came across a wonderful reminder of past projects in the form of magic shared on Facebook: some television footage from 1965 or so of the magnificent flamenco dancer Antonia (also sometimes listed as Antonita) Singla Contreras, known to … Continue reading

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By Way of Illustration

When I was a child, I used to spend some time in the summers with my family at a lakeside cabin in the woods. It was a cozy little place, relatively isolated but homey. There was a HUGE picture window … Continue reading

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Time-Slices for Violin and Accompaniment

One of the things I really love about the Library of Congress Flickr stream’s collection of images from the early 20th C. (News in the 1910s) is that it provides a vivid reminder (as if one needed it) of the … Continue reading

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Duet for Pistons and Gears

I’ve been wrestling with some thoughts about mechanical music and musical machines lately, prompted by two things that came across the ol’ Facebook transom in the last few months: an MIT Technology Review piece from December about musical composition and machine … Continue reading

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Lost and Found Poetry

  Today’s entry in the ongoing business of cataloging the Wood’s House collection is a bit of poetic whimsy and class consciousness, discovered unexpectedly lurking in an aged copy of a 1938 World Syndicate edition of Joseph Devlin’s A Dictionary of … Continue reading

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