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Morning With The Dogfather(s)

Dogs are weird. Of course, from their own point of view, they are eminently sane and perfectly reasonable. Humans, on the other hand, are a whole jar of crazysauce dumped on a batshit sandwich. The social norms that govern canine … Continue reading

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A Minor Triumph of the Entrepreneurial A**hole Spirit

So (as the new link over there on the sidebar says) I wrote this book. Photo credit to ME! It’s a helpful little thing of ~60 pages or so, essentially a bunch of classroom lecture material turned into a few … Continue reading

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The 2014 Cherokee Jazz & Blues Festival has just wrapped up, and once again I find myself thinking about it. It seems to have been a rousing success, even after losing one of its original headliners (the marvelous Kris Lager … Continue reading

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Ticklish Words

One of the reasons I’m so thoroughly obsessed with old radio dramas lately (as I think I’ve mentioned here before) is their language. They are sometimes cheesy, true, but often they’re just devilishly clever, and I can usually count on … Continue reading

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Grainy Vinyl Goodness

I have the bad habit of taking on impossible challenges, congratulating myself on muddling partway toward them, and then bailing. It’s a personal failing, but it is invariably educational, and every now and then I actually accomplish something, so I … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 137 Wishes You A Happy New Year With a Ukulele and a Viola

Yup. That’s pretty much it. Keep on keeping on. Here’s hoping 2014 treats everyone as well as possible!

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