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Conversations With Small Dogs: A New Hobby

Buddy: [drags the comforter off of my bed and into the living room] Look! I found a totally cool thing! Can I keep it? Me: No! Here, why don’t you chew on this toy while I put that back. Ten … Continue reading

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Last Observations on Conference Travel

1) I think that one of the jobs that faculty in graduate programs really, really need to figure out how to do for their students is this: how to present a paper without just sitting/standing there and reading it. This … Continue reading

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3 More Observations on Conference Attendance

1) Travel to get here was…odd. Usually, because I am spectacularly unlucky with air travel, I find myself stuck with missed connections, cancelled flights, etc. I was taking a BIG risk flying to the conference on the day when I … Continue reading

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The Proof Is On My Wall

Once upon a time, I had the chance to teach what turned out to be a wonderful class on the works of Simone Weil, Simone de Beauvoir, and Hannah Arendt. It was a small class, and we sat around in … Continue reading

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6 Assorted Observations on Conference Travel

In no particular order: 1) If you ever want to hear every single boring, groggy, sleep-deprived, and yet strangely giddy conversation you’ve ever had acted out by a crew of your elders heading to Hawaii, I recommend hanging out at … Continue reading

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365 DotU, Day 138 Returns to Well-Traveled Territory

Yeah, yeah. Long time, no song, blah blah blah busy crazy no time whatever. So here’s a sort of shaky version of Eddie Vedder’s “Without You,” in all of its ukulele glory. There is also some barking, because the dogs … Continue reading

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The House Business Meeting for the week of 2/2 – 2/8: Notes

After receiving much helpful feedback (in the form of words, assorted canine protests, and teeth), young Buddy has submitted a revised version of his proposed daily routine schedule for the household to consider. The new schedule is as follows: Wake … Continue reading

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